Why getting injured isn’t always the end of the world.


Why getting injured isn’t always the end of the world.

Everyone aims to avoid injuries, but if we are constantly pushing ourselves to the edge of our physical capability these little niggles will occur. The other way people tend to get injured is by playing a sport which is the reason they do CrossFit in the first place.

We have both examples, a few more lately from the sport-related injury category but it varies throughout the year. The most common response to this happening is to call us up and stop training. I hurt my knee at “insert sport here” I’ll have a rest for a few weeks. The great thing about your body is that it has many areas that can be for the most part operated in isolation with a little creative effort. So there will always be some movements you can do!

Part one, what to do if you do happen to get injured. As is the case with most things in life, communication is key. Talk to your coach tell them about your injury, what you can and can’t do. Also a very important step if you are seeing another healthcare professional (physio, occupational therapist, chiropractor etc) pass on what they say to your coach or even better get them to email the coach with the details of what is going on, that way if they have any questions they can be addressed without you having to play courier between the two parties. That way you can continue to train and get fitter and stronger.

Part two the silver lining, while getting injured isn’t the best thing to happen, it does provide a unique set of circumstances. You may have a little bit more time to concentrate on things you aren’t as strong at. For example, if you hurt your knee and you love all things weightlifting, but you have noticed that gymnastics slows you down a lot in workouts. Now you can’t do as much lifting it provides you the perfect opportunity to work on your gymnastics skills that you may have never taken the time to do, and in the long run, could make you a more well-rounded athlete.

Bottom line is if you get injured or are injured don’t let it stop you from training, as coaches we are here to help you through your injury while maintaining your fitness.

– Head Coach Simon